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Vertical Fabrics
Shading effects:
  • Dim-out
  • Black-out
  • Translucent

  • 89mm-127mm

  • Special Fabric
Product Image:
Optional materials and colors:
  • Knitted fabric
  • Nonwoven fabric
  • Calico
  • 3D painting
  • Wire network
  • Diamond net
  • Double screen
  • Monofilament net
  • C5008
  • C5009
Product Description:

Magic vertical blinds 

1-Magic vertical Fabrics, differs from the vertical blinds by its magical shape of vanes----just like sea waves. you may enjoy an aesthetic visual sense of the graceful dance or a gentle waves on the beach,while you open or rotate the blind. 

2-Vanes can be rotated by a bead chain operation system at any degree to adjust the lights at your satisfactory and privacy demands. 

3-Using special fabric with the function of flame-retardation , heat insulation, light selection control and insulation.

Soft sheer vertical blinds 

1-Soft sheer vertical blinds is a soft sheer gauze combined with black-out PVC vanes in rectangle ,which are inserted with equally-distanced seams.

2-The soft and elegant sheer can filter and soften the sunshine. PVC vanes can be rotated at any degree by a bead-chain operation system to adjust the lights at your satisfactory and privacy demand. 

3-With neat cutting as especial and meticulous trimming,it makes the edges of the vanes smooth so as to insulate from wear or tear and naturally vertical without any additional weights.The qualified rail system keeps blinds in order and smooth operation. 

4-Graceful, warm and elegent.