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September 2, 2012 German DECORA company sent to the us to negotiate.
NICHIBEI?Visit?us    Published:2012-12-31
GARDINIA Visit us    Published:2012-12-31
March 26, 2012 GARDINIA  sent to the us to negotiate.
Doors and windows industry development in&nbs...    Published:2012-12-31
Doors and windows in the rapid development of China has more than 10 years, these year people also witnessed the wind...
Windows and doors trend    Published:2012-12-31
Doors and windows industry several years of development have emerged many types and brands, time windows and door...
Honeycomb curtain production assembly line wo...    Published:2012-12-31
I will be the Secretary for the recently completed honeycomb curtain 25MM, 38MM, 45MM three spe...
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